Corporate Information

Towards the creation of a bright future with diverse values.

CTI Engineering Co., Ltd. is Japan’s first consulting engineering company and has been growing strongly with a high level of technology and expertise since the establishment of Civil Engineering Research Institute, an incorporated foundation founded in 1945. We have been working closely with the government as a technical partner to build the nation, and have been also actively contributing to academia. For this, we are proud to be recognized as a leading company in the consulting engineering industry.

Today, Japanese society is reaching a major turning point.

As a comprehensive consulting engineering company, we have an important role to play in addressing various needs and challenges of society, such as building national resilience, implementing countermeasures for aging infrastructures and revitalizing regional communities. In 2015, the CTI Group’s long-term vision called “CLAVIS 2025” was formulated for continuous development into the future.

Since then, in order to realize this corporate vision, we have been actively implementing measures such as modifying organizational structures and reforming systems.

Our business philosophy is “Contributing to a progressive, safe, pleasant and prosperous living environment through our globally-recognized professional expertise and technical capabilities”. There are many possible meanings when we think about a “prosperous living environment”; we envision that it means a community based on “safety”, where other important elements such as pleasantness, happiness and pleasure are welcomed and cherished by people.

With a sense of responsibility in a challenging work environment, we continue to deliver professional services with the belief that our work and services will bring great pleasure to people and the community. To achieve this, first we envision what kind of community we would like to create while working closely with various stakeholders, and then continue making new proposals to pursue our ideals.

President & Chief Executive Officer
Kazuo Murata

In 2017, CTI took a great step forward expanding our business by entering a new market when we acquired the prestigious British engineering consultancy Waterman Group Plc. So far, we have made great progress through our joint initiatives with Waterman and the key to our future success is to continue to strengthen our collaboration across the Group.

Step-By-Step. Moving forward towards a better future.

In the past and in the future. As a pioneering consulting engineering company, CTI Group will continue capturing the needs of the current society of constant change and building the socio-economic foundation of our society.

  • Business Philosophy
    “Contributing to a progressive, safe, pleasant and prosperous living environment through our globally-recognized professional expertise and technical capabilities.”

    In order to realize this business philosophy, we have created the CTI Engineering Group Code of Corporate Conduct (the “Code”). Under sound corporate management, the Code shows all officers and employees how to take concrete and effective actions with a thoughtful mind.

  • Code of Corporate Conduct
    [Improvement of Customer Satisfaction]

    We act with pride as an expert and with a sense of mission and ethics, and the customer’s understanding, satisfaction, and trust will always be our first priority.

    [Improvement of Technical Competence and Quality]

    As a group of leading experts, we remain committed to acquiring in-depth knowledge and technologies in new fields, consolidating and improving our high technical competence, devoting ceaseless effort to being better human beings, and improving our professional engineering services.

    [Compliance with Ethics, Law and Regulations]

    We recognize our social responsibility and public mission, and engage in our corporate activities in a fair manner as an independent consultant.

    [Information Disclosure]

    We communicate with shareholders and various stakeholders regularly, providing correct and accurate information about our activities.

    [Improvement of Employee Satisfaction]

    We respect each employee’s personality and character, provide a work environment where our employees can work with vitality, and achieve richness and comfort through our work.

    [Environmental Considerations]

    We work hard to create a nation with bountiful nature where humans and nature coexist, and actively address global environmental issues.

    [Social Contributions]

    We act as a corporate citizen with good faith, and actively engage in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.

    [International Contribution]

    We comply with laws and regulations in each country where we do business, respect local cultures and customs, and contribute to the further development of the local community.

Corporate History

August 1945 Established “Civil Engineering Research Laboratory: Kensetsu Gijyutsu Kenkyuujo”, as the first consulting engineering company in Japan.
April 1963 Established “CTI Engineering Co., Ltd.” at Nishi Ginza (now 3-chome, Ginza), Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
December 1964 Registered as “Consulting Engineering Company” under the Ministry of Construction (now Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism).
June 1994 Registered as an over-the-counter company with the Japan Securities Dealers Association.
October 1996 Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
June 1999 Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
April 2002 Established the Research Center for Sustainable Communities.
April 2013 Celebrated the 50th anniversary of the establishment of CTI Engineering Co., Ltd.
May 2015 Formulated the CTI Group long-term vision [CLAVIS 2025].
June 2017 Waterman Group Plc joined CTI Group.

Corporate Profile

Firm Name CTI Engineering Co., Ltd.
Establishment April 1963
Representative Kazuo Murata
Address [Headquarters] Nihonbashi-hamacho F tower, 3-21-1 Nihonbashi-Hamacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Capital 3,025,875,010 yen(JPY)
Stock Market The Tokyo Stock Exchange (The First Section)
Number of employees
(1 August, 2017)
1,546 people (CTI Engineering Co., Ltd.)
3,509 people (CTI Group total)
Businesses Providing professional consulting services related to civil engineering and construction works, including planning, research, scheduling, design, and project management.

Group Companies

CTI Group is composed of CTI Engineering Co., Ltd. and its group companies with a total of 3,509 employees. Our challenge is to enrich the lives of people and create sustainable societies through our engineering expertise.