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KAMANAVA Area Flood Control and Drainage System Improvement Project

Disaster Management / Sabo Works

Philippines 2000-

The northern part of Metro Manila has a low and flat topography with an elevation of up to 3 m above the mean sea level. Presently, this area has three cities and one municipality; namely, Kalookan City, Malabon, Navotas City and Valenzuela City (KAMANAVA). Inundation takes place almost throughout the year and most frequently during May to September when high tide takes place simultaneously with heavy rains. The inundation in these areas was brought about by a combination of factors such as the overflowing of the Malabon Tullahan River and an inadequate local drainage system.

The project was formulated to improve the flood control and drainage systems, aiming to mitigate flood damage and contribute for better living conditions and to promote/enhance economic activities in the region. The major project components include construction of a navigation gate, 5 floodgates, 7 pumping stations and riparian structures, and Malobon-Navotas-Marala river improvement works.

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